Self training

The Digital TORC Game is a supporting tool. As such, it can only partially contribute to the success of a game session. The element that makes a successful game session is the good knowledge of the tool by important roles, i.e. by the facilitator and the decision maker.

Those two persons are leading the different discussions and must then be able to focus on this, and not on understanding where to click in the game to move forward. While the Digital TORC game is not very difficult to understand, it is best to have a little experience with it to feel familiar. We thus recommend to future facilitators and decision makers to train on it. This short guide explains how you can familiarize yourself with the tool, and play session on your own.

Playing your first session alone

To train, whether you are the facilitator or the decision maker, you must wear both hats: both roles are required to move forward in a round.

The game is made so that players don’t need an account. To do so, it simply uses cookies for the players to be able to join the game session. That means that if you try to join twice from the same browser, you will simply be reconnected to the first session you created, that is, the facilitator’s one (you can try).

There are several ways to join the game twice with two different players, but the recommended way is to use two different browsers (Firefox and Chrome for instance). If you don’t have those two (or Safari), then you can use private browsing for the decision maker, but be aware that if you close the window, you will not be able to reconnect to that session.


Two players: Alice the facilitator on Chrome (left) and Bob the decision maker on Firefox (right)

From there, you can follow the relevant guides for each role: