Taking notes

The notes explorer

Taking a note

In order to take a note, one should use the notes explorer. To open it, you should use the "Take notes" action, represented by:

Take notes action

Clicking on this gives you access to the notes explorer.


Notes explorer

In a TORC Game session, notes are linked to a stage in a round. It is only possible to create/edit/delete a note in the current stage (in the current round). It is however possible to see notes that were created in previous stages of the current round.

Note ownership

It is not possible to edit or delete a note created by another player.

Special types of notes

Three types of notes are available to players, depending on their role:

  • Standard notes, available to all players

  • Restricted notes, available only to the facilitator and the observers

  • Feedback notes, available to all players, but only visible to the owner

The type of note can be chose when creating it:


Notes creation for observers and for the facilitator

Restricted notes

A restricted note is a note which, once creating, will only be visible to the facilitator and to the observers. This type of note is colored in red in the notes explorer.


A restricted note

Feedback notes

A feedback note is a note which, once creating, will only be visible to yourself. The note will be included in the report at the end of the game. This type of notes aims at enabling players to provide feedback either on the game itself, the session, or both. This type of note is colored in blue in the notes explorer.


A feedback note