Create Action Cards

The Action Cards Explorer

Creating new action cards are done using the action cards explorer. To open it, press the "Action Cards Explorer" button represented by:

Action cards explorer action


The illustrations shows the view from a decision maker perspective, however, the view will be the same for all players as long as all players are allowed to create and select cards. In the default game options, all players are allowed to create and select action cards.

Creating an action card

To add a new action card, press the add action card button, represented by the following icon:

No action cards added

When clicking the button, you will get a pop up where you can provide a name and description for your action:


Create new action card

When the name and description for the action is provided, you can go ahead and press “create”. This will close the “New action card”-pop up, and the new action card will appear in the list of action cards for the current stage.


Press the create button when action name and description is provided


Action card is added to the list of action cards

Selecting action cards

To select an action card, the player simply checks the check button on the left side of the action card.


Action card not selected

When the card is selected, the checkbox will be marked as checked.


Action card selected

Cards ownership

It is not possible to edit or delete an action card created by another player.


The facilitator has the right to edit, deselect and delete action cards created and selected by other players. This is to ensure that it is possible to change cards even if players loose their connection to the game.